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WHAT’S THE HOT HAIR? Local Stylists Talk Latest Hair Trends

three local hair stylists have the scoop on the latest trends and predictions about what’s to come

Sawyer Hoff |

NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS. These local salons explain recent hair trends and why it may be a good change for you. (Photo via Saxy Salon Facebook)
NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS. These local salons explain recent hair trends and why they may be a good change for you. (Photo via Saxy Salon Facebook)

Have you been thinking about trying out a new look? Maybe you want something different, but don’t know what you want or what’s “in” right now, and need some recommendations. We asked stylists from Saxy Salon (329 Water St., Eau Claire), Angelus Salon and Spa (506 Water St., Eau Claire), and VER Salon (403 Water St., Eau Claire) about current hair trends and incoming popular styles.

Example of a layered haircut (via Angelus Salon Facebook)
Example of a lob cut with layers (via VER Salon Facebook).

When it comes to hair trends in our area, there seems to be one common thread: texture. Whether it be through adding curtain bangs or a shag cut, the stylists agree that creating texture and layers in your hair is popular for a reason.

“The framing gives it movement around the face to enhance the face shape,” said Renelle Laffe, owner of Angelus Salon. “Curtain bangs finish all trend looks right now because they give the ones who do not want to commit to actual bangs the look, brighten the eye area, and help those with finer hairlines.”

“Recently, getting anything and everything layers,” says Elli Larson, stylist at VER Salon. “For shags, curls, ’90s face frame, blowouts, and lots of balayage. For good reason – it’s easy maintenance and customizable.”

Not only are layers and movement in, but hair coloring is also huge now, especially going blonde and getting a balayage coloring. Balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn’t use foils but sweeps the color onto the hair for a very natural look. 

“Balayage is the free hand movement of color infused into the hair,” Laffe said. “This creates texture, depth and brightness, movement with the least amount of maintenance. Balayage hair color is best for those with medium texture and density.  We always share with our clients to look at inspiration pictures of balayage colors with their own type of hair.”

Why are these the current looks? Sabrina Speigel, owner of Saylon Seven, said that it’s likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected work and the amount of time people spent in public.

“With more people working from home and the conformity of the workplace relaxing, people are feeling more free to be their authentic selves and express that through their hair with color," Speigel said.

A lilac balayage example (via VER Salon Facebook).
An example of balayage coloring (via Angelus  Salon Facebook).

But what of the future? Well, according to the stylists, we’re going to be seeing a lot of the old made anew. Speigel expects to see more creative expression, including avant-garde hairstyles, while Laffe says women’s mullet shags will likely be making their way back around. Larson says social media plays a large role in future trends, too.

“With COVID and social media, I can only predict new things we haven’t seen before with people having the time and platform for creativity,” Larson said.

If you’re looking for a fresh fall look, see if any of these trends speak to you and how you want to express yourself!

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