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Banbury Place’s Natural Hotspot: Terravee Naturals

E.C. native’s curiosity in natural living sparked successful small biz

McKenna Scherer |

NATURALLY TERRAVEE. The local small biz got its start with its super immune-boosting product Elderberry Syrup. Since then, founder Erica Wilfer has expanded with a whole lineup. (Contributed photo)
NATURALLY TERRAVEE. The local small biz got its start with its super immune-system supporting product Elderberry Syrup. Since then, founder Erica Wilfer has expanded with a whole lineup. (Contributed photo)

Banbury Place in downtown Eau Claire has long been recognized as a historic industrial landmark, but it has grown to become a unique network of offices, self-storage units, apartments, and small businesses. Among them is Terravee Naturals, a biz focused on all-natural, good-for-you remedies, started by an E.C. local. 

Erica Wilfer, born and raised in Eau Claire with an entrepreneurial spirit – probably thanks to her parents, who owned Great Harvest Bread Co. for decades – Terravee Naturals started out of natural curiosity and a desire to help her family when they were sick. 

“I have three young kiddos and we were running into my oldest starting school and feeling like we were dealing with sickness all the time,” Wilfer recalled. “I started researching different natural remedies, and I stumbled upon elderberry syrup.”

Perhaps Terravee’s most popular item, the elderberry syrup contains just 10 ingredients, which are all organic. All of Terravee’s products are created intentionally with natural ingredients, and elderberry in particular has been known to support the immune system for a very long time, backed by studies and science, Wilfer said. 

After using the syrup with her own family, they noticed they were experiencing common sicknesses less often and getting over them quicker. She started chatting with her friends and family about it, and they too started using elderberry syrup and noticing its positive effects. 

Wilfer soon found that while people in the area could buy elderberry syrup at grocery stores, the ingredient lists revealed artificial sweeteners and added preservatives. “It just felt like it defeated the purpose for me,” she said. “So that’s why I started making it myself for my family. Then I saw that in Eau Claire you couldn’t find a handcrafted, naturally made elderberry syrup locally, so I thought, ‘Maybe I can make it.’ ”

Thus, Terravee Natural’s kitchen in Banbury Place was created in 2018. After gaining her license to begin making products in the commercial kitchen space, Wilfer created her popular Elderberry Syrup, as well as Fire Tonic, which she said is often paired with the syrup for their dual immune boosting qualities. 

Now coming up on its four-year anniversary, Terravee’s locally crafted products are available throughout the Valley, from the Menomonie Market Co-op to Mother Nature’s Food in Eau Claire, to Zaniya Massage in Chippewa Falls, Woodman’s, and more. 

Wilfer noted that several chiropractic and massage centers in the area have come to appreciate and use Terravee products themselves, even offering them in their offices. Wissota Chiropractic’s Dr. Michelle Tell Peck has called Terravee “amazing,” stating her trust in the wholesome ingredients for her clients.

Terravee Naturals has expanded into body products, too, such as dandelion oils used by massage therapists, plantain salve, and magnesium lotions. 

“Everything that I make has that body focus, just helping our bodies get what it needs to be as healthy and happy as we possibly can be,” Wilfer said. “I work on taking those nutrients and things that we as humans need, and trying to get it for us in the most natural way.”

Wilfer said for folks interested in natural products and even transitioning into a more natural-focused lifestyle, just switching out a few products here and there is a great way to start.

She explained when she would run out of a product, like lotion, vitamins, or cold medicine, she would look into what natural replacements that were available. Plus, familiarizing yourself with ingredients on items you consume is another way to start, Wilfer said. 

Terravee Naturals founder, Wilfer, at EC Fast Fuel, a small biz also in Banbury Place that carries Terravee Naturals products. (Photo by McKenna Scherer)
Terravee Naturals founder Erica Wilfer at EC Fast Fuel, a small business also in Banbury Place that carries Terravee Naturals products. (Photo by McKenna Scherer)

For the remainder of 2022 and into 2023, Wilfer said she’s excited for all to come. With the youngest of her three kids now going into school, she’ll be able to dedicate even more time to Terravee and creating more products, which is her favorite part of the biz, she said. In the works, folks can expect more body care from Terravee in the near future. 

“I just want to keep introducing my product and spreading the love as far and wide as I can,” she said. 

Wilfer emphasized that these pre-winter months can be crucial to amping up your immune system by implementing healthy habits, especially for those going back to school in the fall. To make it even easier for her own kids to take elderberry products, Wilfer created Terravee’s Elderberry Gummies, and she recommends those too for fellow picky-eater kiddos.

For folks wanting to dip their toes (not literally, but you do you) into Terravee Naturals products, Wilfer suggested their Elderberry Syrup and Magnesium Lotions. 

Looking to pick up some Terravee products? Check out these local spots that carry them: 

  • Down to Earth Farmers Market, held November-March (6025 Arndt Lane, Eau Claire)
  • EC Fast Fuel (930 Galloway St., Suite 14, Eau Claire)
  • HyVee (2424 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire)
  • The Local Store (205 N Dewey St., Eau Claire)
  • Menomonie Market Co-op (Menomonie and Eau Claire locations)
  • Mother Nature’s Food (2434 London Road, Eau Claire)
  • Woodman’s Food Market (2855 Woodman Drive, Altoona)
  • Online at terraveenaturals.com

Check out Terravee Naturals' products and learn more on its website.