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‘SAUR’ INTO THE PAST: Jurassic Quest Exhibit Coming to E.C. This Fall

embrace your inner, curious child and explore a prehistoric world

Kelly Carlson |

WELCOME TO JURASSIC ... QUEST! This event will pull you back in time while learning about Earth's old inhabitants. (Photos via Jurrasic Quest's Facebook)

Jurassic Quest is a unique event, unlike anything of this century (or millennium, for that matter). The exhibit brings life-sized replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic-Triassic epoch around North America, cultivating a curiosity for these fantastic creatures that roamed millions of years ago that we all shared growing up.

The event covers a wide range of exhibits, from animatronic, life-sized dinosaurs to uncovering a prehistoric ocean to digging for real fossils yourself. “Immediately when you come inside you walk through Jurassic Quest pillars and are met with an exhibit of dinosaurs,” says Safari Sarah, a baby raptor trainer. There are scavenger hunts, raptor training you can do yourself, dinosaur rides, bounce houses, dinosaur cinema, and even texting with scientists at the event to answer any of your urgent questions. 

Many people are led astray on their dinosaur facts, often from misconceptions seen on the big screen. Truly an event for the curious, Safari Sarah emphasizes the magic found within Jurassic Quest, hoping to bring big smiles and wonder to all who enter the prehistoric gates. “We work with paleontologists to make sure everything is completely accurate,” Sarah said.  

Targeted towards kids 12 and under, the traveling show will be in town Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Chippewa Valley Expo Center, 5150 Old Mill Plaza. Grab your friends, family, and paleontology-expert cap, and get ready to dive headfirst into a time 160 million years ago. After all, “Jurassic Quest is where the Big dinosaurs live.”

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