To Tree or Not to Tree? That’s This Play’s Question

in this satire, a woman REALLY loves a tree

James Johonnott |

BRANCHING OUT. The satiric play Arborophilia is about a young woman who falls in love with a tree.

We all love trees, but do you love trees?

Arborophilia, the upcoming play performed by Speck of Dust Theatre Company (Aug. 11-13, 19-20 at the Grand Theatre in Eau Claire), is about a young woman in love with a poplar tree, and the poplar tree is not at all into it.

Directed by Logan Toftness and written by Jacob M. Appel, this award-winning, small, quirky comedy centers on a the two daughters of a middle-aged divorced mother who each love in ways that rebel against their mother. One with a Republican (annoying her deeply Democratic mother) and the other with the wispy, thin poplar tree in their vacant lot. The Detroit Pride Source called an “insightful poke at many of our cherished beliefs and institutions.”

Tickets can be purchased at the door at the Grand Theatre (102 W. Grand Ave.) for $20 or online at Keep up with the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild online on Facebook and their website.