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Going Rogue: New Rogue Shop Aims to Bring Holistic Healing to E.C.

new CBD hemp store sells handmade products and grows their own plants in-shop

Sawyer Hoff, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

BEST BUDS. New Rogue Shop is focused on educating people on the benefits of CBD.
BEST BUDS. New Rogue Shop is focused on educating people on the benefits of CBD.

What started as a hobby quickly became a lifestyle for the owners of Rogue Shop, Richard and Sharmaine Zamora. After trying CBD and Hemp products from friends, they realized just how beneficial those products were, especially for Richard, who is a U.S. Veteran.

Their tinctures, bath salts, soaps, lip balms, and salves are manufactured in-house, while their edibles and other highly-produced products come from a GMP-certified lab. They also offer CBD coffee that is brewed with the whole bean, utilizing thorough cannabis education.

“I really want to encourage education,” Sharmaine said. “I can sell to anyone, that’s not the issue, but I want to make sure that people understand what they are putting into their bodies.”

Their new store, Rogue Shop, will be opening at the beginning of July. It will be their first brick-and-mortar store, though their journey to Wisconsin through cannabis products is a bit of a wild one.

Once they realized that growing and making cannabis products was what they wanted to do, they packed up their house and their two kids in Texas, moved into a travel trailer, and began traveling the country as CBD consultants. 

They had traveled to 38 states within one year, teaching others how to successfully grow cannabis flower while also selling their fresh flower to CBD stores across the U.S. and creating their own website to sell wholesale. When they made their way to Wisconsin, they fell in love with the state, and decided to stay for a while.

“I am not a person who villainizes modern medicine because I have seen what it can do for people and it has saved a lot of people in my family,” Sharmaine said. “I just feel like there are tiers to health, so let’s maintain as much as we can at the bottom tier and then move up to medicine only when necessary. I don’t think we should be overloading the doctors for headaches and colds.”

Currently, Rogue Shop is growing two strains of cannabis in-house, mostly for educational purposes, but also for future products. You can visit and keep up with the plants’ progress.

The two Zamora kids also participate heavily in the store, solidifying it as a family business. Their son is a big fan of cloning plants through the use of plant genetics and their daughter has come up with some of their product ideas and is considered by her mom to be “the creative force behind the business”.

“Everything that I’m selling in this store is things that I have in my own medicine cabinet at home,” Sharmaine said. “I really want to offer people things that I’m familiar with.”

To learn more about Rogue Shop, you can go to or visit their new store at 2537 E. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire.