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HERE COME THE WATERWORKS: Rainworks Bingo is Back

The Eau Claire Rotary Club brings back their Rainworks Bingo with even more prizes than last year

Sawyer Hoff |

WATER YOU DOING THIS SUMMER? The EC Morning Rotary Club is donating the proceeds of this Bingo game to several charities focused on helping kids and families. (Submitted Photos)
WATER YOU DOING THIS SUMMER? The E.C. Morning Rotary Club is donating the proceeds of this Bingo game to several charities focused on helping kids and families. (Submitted Photos)

Summer is a great time to get outdoors as a family, but sometimes the rain hinders that fun – or does it? The Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club is sponsoring the Rainworks Bingo from now until Oct. 15.

What is Rainworks Bingo? It’s a way to go around town to many local businesses and snap a photo of their sidewalk art that can only be seen when hit with water. The art is made by using a stencil and some cement sealant to keep the image on the sidewalk for about 3-4 months.

Your first step is to pick up a Bingo card, which is available at these locations:

  • The Local Store
  • Brent Douglas Flowers
  • Chippewa Valley Floral
  • Ninja Japanese and Chinese Restaurant
  • Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor
  • SHIFT Cyclery and Coffee Bar
  • Urban Style
  • Olson’s Ice Cream
  • Star Cup
  • Raggedy Man
  • Acoustic Café
  • Nicole’s Salon & Spa
  • The Oxbow Hotel & The Lakely
  • Silver Feather Children’s Museum
  • Family Resource Center in Oakwood Mall

Then you must travel to the locations and landmarks on the card, bringing with you water in a spray bottle, bucket, or from the sky – wait for the rain! Once you locate the sidewalk art, snap a picture of it and bring it to an employee of any of the participating establishments, who will give you a special sticker (if the establishment is closed you can come back with the picture to receive your sticker). Place the sticker onto your Bingo board and repeat to the rest of the places.

FUN TIP: There are a couple of free bonus places that don’t require a sticker, but still have some cool invisible art waiting to be seen.

When you finish your game of Rainworks Bingo, mail it to the Morning Rotary Club (4812 Fairfax St., Eau Claire). You have until Oct. 15 to send your completed card in to be entered into a drawing for prizes.

First place prize is a Family Portrait session by Giles Photography and an 11x14 print. Second place is a quart of Ramone’s Ice Cream once a month for a full year. Third place and beyond will receive gift cards to many different local businesses. 

Grab your family and some water and find all of the invisible art around town. Don’t forget to take lots of photos to upload to the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Facebook!

If you have any questions, contact