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DELIGHTFUL DECOR: West Rowe Opens Brick and Mortar in Eau Claire

Longtime online home decor business moves into physical location

Sawyer Hoff, photos by McKenna Scherer |

STYLE YOU HOME IN STYLE. West Rowe's physical store is filled to the brim with stuff to decorate the house of your dreams.
STYLE YOUR HOME IN STYLE. West Rowe's physical store is filled to the brim with items to decorate the house of your dreams.

Many people – including myself – have a Pinterest board labeled “Home Decor” with photos upon photos of styles we want to have in our home one day. The owner of West Rowe wants to help bring your Pinterest board to life.

West Rowe opened in 2015, solely online. The owner did a lot of thrifting to find unique pieces that they would flip and then sell on Etsy. At first, this was just a side project for them, but as their store began to grow, so did their passion for it.

It became too hard to keep up stock with the inconsistencies that come with thrifting and flipping since you never know when you’re going to find the good stuff. This is what pushed the owner into opening a brick-and-mortar store with a more consistent inventory.

“I’d really love to just be a part of the community,” the owner said. “I want people to think ‘I need to decorate – I’ll go to West Rowe.’”

West Rowe’s aesthetic is considered to be “modern farmhouse” and while it isn't necessarily a furnishing store, there are chairs, tables, and other home decor items for sale.

“Local things are super important to me,” the owner said. “I always try to support local. You could always go to a big corporation, but local businesses really fuel communities, especially places like Eau Claire.”

To learn more about West Rowe, you can go to their website or visit the store in person at 1416 S Hastings Way, Eau Claire.