Noah Estrada Gears Up for New Album

‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ title winner uses hometown love to fuel music

Thomas DeLapp, photos by Jared Nanasy |

FROM THE HEART, THROUGH THE EYES. Noah Estrad's new album
FROM THE HEART, THROUGH THE EYES. Noah Estrada's new album touches on mental health. (Photos by Jared Nanasy)

While the Chippewa Valley might be best known for its flannel-toting, guitar-strumming, and tree-hugging indie folk music scene, it also boasts a good amount of hip hop and rap.  Case in point: the winner of “Best Hip-Hop Artist” in our ‘Best of the Chippewa Valley’ poll, Noah Estrada, is releasing a new album.  

Through My Eyes, releasing this summer, is Estrada’s second album, following To Whom It May Concern, released in 2020.  Dropping a record right before COVID lockdowns hit didn’t seem ideal at first, Estrada said, but over the past two years, support for his music built and popularity grew, boosting his current live shows.

Performing at events like hip-hop concerts, as well as Sounds Like Summer in Phoenix Park, is a tribute to the personal yet universal vibe of his music, Estrada said. It’s real, relatable, and from the heart.  

Through My Eyes is mentally aware, he said, written from experiences of being alone, stuck, and stagnant. The themes of the album focus on mental health, growth, and being true to yourself. “It carries you through the last three and a half years of my life, from my darkest moment to now, a lighter spot,” Estrada explained.

The album – and its message – reflect Estrada’s mantra: “MWP,” which means “Music with Purpose."

“I want to get my name out there so I can use my platform to help those with little to no help,” Estrada said. “It feeds my soul to give back to my community. We all leave our footprint in this world, I'm just trying to make sure mine is positive.”

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