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Meet Murphy: Eau Claire Police Have a New Therapy Dog, and He’s Adorable

bright-eyed, bushy-tailed pup reporting for duty

words & photos by Sawyer Hoff |

HERE FOR YOU ON THOSE RUFF DAYS. ECPD's new therapy dog, Murphy, has already received an outpouring of love from the community.
HERE FOR YOU ON RUFF DAYS. The Eau Claire Police Department's new therapy dog, Murphy, has already received an outpouring of love from the community.

It seems Eau Claire now has its own Paw Patrol pup, and he’s completely adorable. The Eau Claire Police Department has welcomed a new member this week and he’s ready to do some good for the community – and look cute doing it.

Murphy is a nine-week-old Labradoodle with lots of energy and plenty of love to give. He enjoys rolling around in the grass, finding sticks, and trotting around the police department’s hallways.

The department had been looking into getting a therapy dog for some time, since there are numerous benefits for the department and the community as a whole. Once Murphy gets a bit older, he will begin his therapy dog training to get certified. Then, he’ll be able to help victims of crimes – both children and adults – and help any officers who may have gone through traumatic experiences. (In other words, you won’t find Murphy sniffing out drugs out doing other similar law-enforcement work, like a typical K-9 police dog would.)

Murphy was hand-selected and donated to the ECPD from a western Wisconsin breeder, Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles. Blueberry Cottage has helped other departments get their own therapy dogs, and they knew Murphy had the perfect temperament for the duty. In addition to Blueberry Cottage, Murphy was able to join the community thanks to the Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital, The Mary Doolittle Estate, and community members who support the ECPD’s K-9 Fund.

Everyone at the department is excited to have Murphy around, and they’re even more excited to get him out in the community when he’s a little older.

Find Murphy on Facebook and on Instagram (@ecpdK9murphy).