Questioning the Locals: Ed Manydeeds

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OBJECTION. Ed Manydeeds has accomplished a lot
IF IT PLEASE THE COURT. Ed Manydeeds has accomplished a lot during his time in EC, his most recent accomplishment being elected the President of the Board of Regents.

Ed Manydeeds is laying down the law in the Chippewa Valley. Not only is he a partner at Manydeeds Law – where he focuses on civil litigation – but he serves on the UW System Board of Regents (becoming the board’s president last year). Ed was born in South Dakota but grew up in Ashland, and graduated from UW-Superior and the University of Wisconsin Law School. 


Edmund Manydeeds III





Neighborhood you live in and what city?

North Side of Eau Claire.

How long have you been a resident of the city?

40 years.

What made you want to become a lawyer?

On the outside, it seemed as if it were a profession in which you could assist people having difficulties to find solutions for them or obtain a result by way of a trial if compromise was not possible.

What place in town considers you a “regular”?

Princeton Valley Golf Course.

Describe your last encounter with the police department:

Meeting with Chief Rokus to discuss EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) issues.

Water Street or Downtown?


What is one of the best cultural experiences you’ve had in the Chippewa Valley? 

Participating in Martin Luther King Day celebrations.

What part of town have you never visited and why?

I don’t think there is any part of town that I have not visited.

Death bed, one meal from a local restaurant, what would it be?

A combo platter from the Olympic Flame when Lampros owned it.

What is your favorite piece of local trivia?

That the great Hank Aaron played baseball at Carson Park.

What is the most challenging part of being on the Board of Regents?

The most challenging part is that even though the Board of Regents is nonpartisan, it is challenging dealing with all of the political issues that somehow permeate every decision that the Board of Regents makes and navigating through those issues to obtain a good result for our campuses and the students that attend them. 

If you could rename Eau Claire with a different French name, what would it be?

I don’t speak French.

What sort of economic development would you like to see in our area?

Anything but another chain restaurant or mall shopping experience

What frustrates you about the Chippewa Valley?

The failure to accept that there are EDI issues in the Chippewa Valley.

South side or North side?

North side.

Ed's Shoutouts

the confluence of the E.C. and Chippewa Rivers. The place where two great rivers meet and we got the Pablo Center, it’s hard not to love this river intersection. 

the high bridge. The name speaks for itself – it is both high, and a bridge. It’s great for biking, walking, and best of all, endless river pictures. It’s no secret why is a favorite spot for a lot of Eau Clairians.

jim falls. This Wisconsin gem is great for hikers, bikers, and sight-seers. Check out the iconic Old Abe Statue and enjoy that good ol’ small-town atmosphere.