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‘HERE’ IT IS: Eau Claire to Host First-of-Its-Kind HMong Economic Conference

HMong Economic Advancement, Research, and Equity Conference slated for September

Sawyer Hoff |

HERE WE ARE. The HERE Conference hosted by HALED will be at the Pablo Center this September. (Photo via Unsplash)
HERE WE ARE. The HERE Conference hosted by HALED will be at the Pablo Center this September. (Photo via Unsplash)

HMong* American Day was May 14, and to celebrate the Eau Claire-based HMong American Leadership and Economic Development organization of Eau Claire announced it is hosting the first-ever HERE Conference in Eau Claire from Sept. 14-16.

The HERE Conference – the acronym stands for HMong Economic Advancement, Research, and Equity – is all about empowering and exploring equity strategies for HMong and other ethnic entrepreneurs. This is the first economic conference of its kind in the nation and hopes to spark similar events around the United States.

Mai Xiong
Mai Xiong

“More than 45 years after the first HMong refugees came to America, second- and third-generation HMong Americans still face obstacles to building their social and economic capital,” said Mai Xiong, HERE Conference chairperson and founder, president, and CEO of HALED. “The 2022 HERE Conference and Summit is an inclusive, imaginative effort to provide ethnic entrepreneurs and policymakers alike with resources, networking opportunities, and research insights to help this community thrive.” 


The HERE Conference will include a two-day conference and a one-day summit for workshops, panels, roundtables, and keynotes highlighting professional development for ethnic entrepreneurs. It will be a space for people to network as well as learn more about other HMong and ethnic community members and business owners. 

Along with the conference and summit, there will be a banquet on Sept. 14 that will raise funds for HALED and offer more information about how HALED has contributed to and supported the HMong community. Each guest will get to enjoy a dinner from local restaurant Muang Thai with locally-sourced ingredients from HMong farms. On Sept. 15, the Little Mekong Market will be in Phoenix Park, emulating an outdoor market in Southeast Asia. There will be food, various vendors, and entertainment.

This event is important for any HMong or other ethnic business owners who feel as though they have little to no support when it comes to their business. Enjoy enriching education and cultural immersion at this truly unique event.

To purchase tickets, head over to eventbrite.com. Learn more about HALED at hmongamericanled.org.

*Note: the spelling “HMong” is used rather than “Hmong” throughout conference literature as an inclusive acknowledgement of the two main dialects – Green, or Moob Leeg, and White, or Hmoob Dawb – spoken by HMong communities.