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Visit Eau Claire Launches Free Summertime Adventure Pass

a limited-time, summer-themed scavenger hunt is up and running – all through your mobile device

McKenna Scherer, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

DON'T PASS ON THIS. Visit Eau Claire's "Experience Passes" allow you to tour the city and rake in some prizes.

Visit Eau Claire offers free “Experience Passes,” which award people for checking out local spots. These include their Curd Crawl and Eau Claire Brew passes. Now there's a new pass in town.

The tourism organization has launched its Eau Claire Essentials pass, offering folks a free scavenger hunt-like adventure across the Valley. 

With 26 possible check-in spots – including breweries, parks, and more – the free-to-download pass is also incentivized.

  • 5 check-ins = an Eau Claire sticker
  • 10 check-ins = an E.C. patch
  • 15 check-ins = an E.C. hat
  • 16+ check-ins = an additional five entries into its sweepstakes drawing (the prize is a canoe!)

Since the pass’s launch, there have been more than 200 check-ins completed with the most popular locations being Phoenix Park, the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market, and downtown’s Sculpture Tour. 

With so many beautiful and unique spots to venture to in the Valley, it was tough for the organization to decide which points to spotlight. 

“We started off with a pretty extensive list but we figured that would be a little overwhelming,” said Visit Eau Claire Public Relations Manager Luke Alex. “Eventually, we decided that these 26 locations were essential to the Eau Claire summertime experience.”

Ultimately, the Essentials pass hopes to offer both locals and visitors a fun way to get out and about during the summertime, exploring all the Valley has to offer and supporting local businesses at the same time. 

Plus, there’s no need to download any app, either – simply sign up on Visit Eau Claire’s website with basic info (your name, email, etc.), click the link sent directly to your inbox, and get huntin’ before the pass expires Sept. 5. 

Download the free Eau Claire Essentials pass on Visit Eau Claire’s website.