How to Successfully Navigate Your Demolition Project

Tips provided by Wiersgalla Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning of Eau Claire


Have realistic expectations.

Time out! Before you start your project, set realistic goals for the amount of time, funds, and energy the project will take. “Right now, with inflated construction cost and extended lead times that have resulted from shortened production schedules, shipping delays, or shutdowns, now may not be the best time for you,” said Christina Wiersgalla of Wiersgalla Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning. “Lead times are longer right now and often misleading.”


Set a budget and stick to it.

We know: no one likes crunching numbers, but when it comes to a renovation project, be certain to plan a budget and stick with it. Be sure to account for possible additional fees when things go awry. Wiersgalla recommends watching out for fees for design and project managing, a fee for permits, demolition, disposal, restock charges, and more.


Take measurements.

Measure your space length by width by height and stay within that space. Knowing your space limitations can help you make big decisions about fixtures, flooring, and more. Each fixture requires a minimum amount of clearances.  Do not purchase fixtures until you know your size of room and the limitations there may be. 


Make a plan.

Make a plan of what you want your renovated space to look like at completion. Be sure to plan ahead for how much of this project you plan to do yourself. Don’t try to plan a remodel around the holidays, right before big family events or when relatives visit.


Ask questions.

No question is a silly question in the remodel business. Ask when you aren’t sure about something. Be proactive in action.

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