Questioning The Locals: Amie Winters

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A BRIGHT FACE IN THE MORNING. Amie WInters was voted Peppiest Morning Show Anchor in V1's 2021 Best Of Issue.
A BRIGHT FACE IN THE MORNING. Amie Winters was voted Peppiest Morning Show Anchor in V1's 2021 Best Of Issue.

Hello Wisconsin news anchor Amie Winters has brightened mornings over at WEAU 13 News for nearly three years. Before that, she was a Daybreak morning anchor at WQOW. Originally from Reedsburg, WI, Amie went to UW-Eau Claire for college and never looked back. Both of Amie’s parents were radio DJs, so she considers broadcasting to be in her blood. When she’s not brightening people’s mornings, she’s spending time with her fiancé and daughter. Amie is leaving the WEAU desk at the end of May, so stay tuned for her next adventure.

Have any funny/strange encounters with locals that are fans of yours?

The most common encounter I have with viewers is the stop and stare. I much prefer when viewers say hi! Many times, they think they’re bugging me or say “I’m sorry, you must get this all the time” but honestly, I’d much rather be able to thank them for watching than to have someone stare at me and then just walk away. Do I have lipstick on my teeth or something?! Probably ...

What’s your favorite local festival?

I’ve had great experiences at Country Fest, Rock Fest, the International Fall Festival, Festival in the Pines, Sounds Like Summer ... but my favorite thing is just to be able to visit the Phoenix Park Farmer’s Market as often as possible during the summer.

What place in town considers you a “regular”?

Savers! I absolutely adore thrifting, especially when it comes to clothing. Almost my entire closet, and my daughter’s, is recycled! I also love looking for vintage furniture, photos, decor, etc. I try to limit myself to only Thursday visits, but I find myself there more often than that to snoop through all the new finds!

Death bed, one meal from a local restaurant, what would it be? 

I’ve gotten into very heated conversations about the best burger in town and I will defend it until the day I die: THE SWISS AND GREEN OLIVE BURGER from Court’n House is the all-time best burger there is in Eau Claire. I’d choose that, with fries, for my final meal and wash it down with a Moon Man.

If you could rename Eau Claire with a different French name, what would it be?

Hmmm...what’s French for “City of Trees and Glowing Bridges”?  


SCULPTURE TOUR EAU CLAIRE: Visiting the Sculpture Tour is a family tradition for us in the summer. We especially love High Five in Phoenix Park. 

HOULIGANS: Houligans was the site of my first date with my now fiancé. Anytime we feel like celebrating anything, we choose that restaurant for dinner!

CHIPPEWA VALLEY RAILROAD: We ride the Carson Park train at the end of every summer. My dad grew up in Eau Claire so when I was little, we'd come up from Reedsburg to visit Grandma Z. and my dad would take my sister and me on the train. I've now taken my daughter on it every year as well (except for 2020 when it was closed) to continue the tradition. I hope she can take her own children on it someday as well!