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Be A P(art) of Racial Justice in the Chippewa Valley

Chippewa Valley Community Postcard Project is back to promote racial justice

Sawyer Hoff |

POSTCARD PARTY. The Community Postcard Project is back for the second time.
POSTCARD PARTY. The Community Postcard Project is back for the second time. (Submitted image)

The Community Postcard Project is back for the second year after a stunning success in last year's project. Over 200 postcards were created and displayed on about 30 collage posters hung around the Valley.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the project, and it’s super easy to get started. You can either get a blank 4x6 postcard on your own or email cvpostcard@gmail.com for free postcards. Choose one of the provided questions about racial justice and respond through drawings, words, or pictures of your choice. Any and all levels of artistry are accepted.

The questions asked are as follows:

  • What can I do to build race, amity, and friendship in the Chippewa Valley?
  • How can I overcome a prejudice I have about people of a certain group?
  • What can I do to connect with someone from a race or culture other than mine?
  • What skills or strengths can I use or develop to help create racial justice?
  • What would the Chippewa Valley look like if people of all races and cultures were welcomed with justice, compassion, and appreciation? 

There will be maker events where you can create your postcards with other members of the community. There will be Community Postcard Project tables at the May Market at Banbury Place on May 7, Pride Day in Phoenix Park on June 11, Juneteenth, and more. If you are interested in having a table at your event, email cvpostcard@gmail.com

When your beautiful postcards are finished, you can mail or drop them off at 930 Galloway St., Mailbox #4, Eau Claire, WI 54703. The deadline is Aug. 31.

The finished postcards will be put into collages and hung up around the Chippewa Valley to remind our residents of our commitment to each other as human beings.