THEY’VE GOT THE TEA: Black Kettle Tea, Passion Board Shop, and Steve’s Hemp Collaborate on ‘Tea Tuesdays’

new weekly event features tea infused with hemp, as well as a variety of other drinks for customers to try

Natalie Derks |

TEA FOR THREE. The "Tea Tuesdays" collaboration between the three Eau Claire businesses came naturally, as they all have collaborated in various ways previously. (Submitted Photo)

So, here’s the tea: Passion Board Shop, Black Kettle Tea, and Steve’s Hemp are collaborating on a new series called "Tea Tuesdays.”  

Chris Johnson, owner of Passion Board Shop, and host/creator of the popular local podcast “Passion Pod,” said that Tea Tuesdays is unique because there aren’t many teashops in the area. The partnership gives patrons the opportunity to sip on locally made, organic tea and discover the benefits of hemp. This is one of the goals of Brianna Vodvarka, owner of Black Kettle Tea: to spread knowledge of natural remedies and offer guests a way to relieve stress.  

Johnson goes way back with the Owner of Steve’s Hemp, Steve Hampton, and Vodvarka. Johnson revealed that Hampton was the first sponsor of his show; likewise, Vodvarka collaborated with Johnson when she started her business.  

“A healthy body and mind begin with what we are ingesting,” Vodvarka said. 

Patrons can expect an assortment of beverages. Vodvarka shared that while guests need to be over 18 to consume CBD or kava, they have options for younger customers, too.  

Down the line, the trio hopes to expand Tea Tuesdays. On June 11, they’re holding an event to raise money to buy skateboards for underprivileged youths, and in the future, they plan to host more pop-ups to support other brewtiful, passionate artists and entrepreneurs.  

“What sets Black Kettle Tea apart is the motivation for why she started her business,” Johnson said.  “When you start a business based on a passion, it really shows.”  

"Tea Tuesdays" takes place from 12 pm-6 pm every Tuesday at Passion Board Shop.  More information is available at