Sunny Spring and Summer Sippin’

Infinity Beverages launches their new cocktail menu

Thomas DeLapp |

Eau Claire’s own Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery drop their new Spring/Summer menu on March 22, and Volume One has corralled the cocktails. Each drink is made in-house with Infinity’s handcrafted wine and spirits.

1. Grapefruit Crush Sangria

Infinity Vivid Wine, grapefruit, raspberry, and hibiscus come together for a fun-and-flirty cocktail that you’ll almost definitely have a crush on. 

2. Granny Old-Fashioned

This drink’s twist isn’t an orange peel – this isn’t Grandpa’s classic Wisconsin brandy old-fashioned.   The Granny Old Fashioned is made with Bock Beersky Whiskey,  granny smith apple, and bitters.  This is one green, groovy Granny. 

3. Mango Rango

Hold onto your hats – Audacity Vodka, mango, raspberry, hibiscus, and Tajin (a spicy seasoning) ride together in this prickly, exciting drink with which to wet your whistle. 

4. Hot Tropic

If you want to soak up warmth and tropical breeze without leaving our dear Wisconsin, look no further: This benign-looking pink drink is packing sun and shade with Chili Pepper Audacity Vodka, raspberry, coconut, and lime.  The snappy name was made by customers!

5. Infini-tea

Infinity brings it home with Infini-tea, a spin on the summer iced-tea that never gets old. Bock Beersky Whiskey, raspberry, green tea, and lemon make this refreshing twist on the front-porch classic.

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