Back to Binge! Wisconsin Film Festival 2022

Wisconsin Film Festival is back in Madison on April 7-14.

Thomas DeLapp |

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. The Wisconsin Film Festival is back on April
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. The Wisconsin Film Festival is back on April 7-14 (Photo via Facebook).

Tired of binging movies at home?  Binge them at the theater!

The Wisconsin Film Festival returns to Madison for 2022, featuring 150 films to see – yes – in person. The movies are back! Taking place over a week, April 7-14, the festival is jam-packed with the celebration of cinema. 

Everything from animated shorts and mini-documentaries, to Tom Gormican’s “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” starring Nicolas Cage, who plays Nicolas Cage, which carries the tagline: “the most Nicholas Cage movie ever”.  They’ve really got it all. 

 Whether you’re interested in local films, foreign flicks, or indie hits, the UW-Madison Department of Communication Arts has curated a diverse selection for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t let the kids stay at home, either. The festival has prepared a “Big Screen, Little Folks” series, with selected short and feature-length films appropriate for the tots in your life.  

Part of WFF’s 2022 emphasis is being back in person, after three years without the festival.  “Rediscover the pleasure of turning off your notifications and submitting to the grand spectacle of theatrical experience,” WFF’s welcome back statement says. “Of showing up at an appointed hour, of watching a single screen you can’t pause, of sharing a precise moment in time and space with others, of simply going out.”

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