Green Is The New Gold: Sustainable E.C. Awards Recognize Green Locals

award recipients recognized for dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly practices

Carlee Shimek, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Steven & Ellen Terwilliger’s solar-powered home in Eau Claire.
IT'S GONNA BE A BRIGHT, SUNSHINEY DAY. Steve and Ellen Terwilliger, whose solar-powered home in Eau Claire and geothermal heating infrastructure allows the couple to operate a near zero-waste lifestyle, were recently awarded the Environmental Education award as part of the Eau Claire's Sustainability Advisory Committee's sustainability awards.  

From environmental education to sustainable foods to green building design, the City of Eau Claire looks to recognize anyone doing their part to take care of Mother Nature.

For six years, Eau Claire’s Sustainability Advisory Committee has been reviewing applications of how local businesses and individuals are contributing to the community by educating others about the environment and how to take care of it, through inventing products or practices that reduce harmful effects on the environment and people, or by upgrading the recycling infrastructure of Eau Claire.

The recently announced recipients of this year’s Sustainable Eau Claire Awards are Steve and Ellen Terwilliger for the Environmental Education category, JONAH Environmental Task Force for their waste reduction, Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners for the Exceptional Natural Resources Steward award, and then VER Salon, No Boundaries Tiny Homes, and Nicole’s Downtown Salon & Spa – all of which received the Green Products or Practices award.

Local individuals and groups can apply – and can even be nominated by someone else. With 12 different categories for which to apply, the sustainability awards encourage everyone in Eau Claire to do their part to keep Eau Claire green.

To learn more about the Sustainable Awards, go to eauclairewi.gov.