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Feel-Good Food: Xavier Artisan Bistro Opens in River Prairie Wellness Center

new Altoona cafe hopes to offer healthy, heavenly food

Sawyer Hoff |

GOT US HUNGRY. Xa Bistro brings healthy and delicious together in Altoona (photos by Mary Moua).
GOT US DROOLIN'. Xa Bistro brings health and deliciousness together in Altoona. (Photos by Mary Moua)

Local physicians  Rima and Robert DeFatta understand that it’s just as important to feel good on the inside as it is on the outside – thus the creation of Xavier Artisan Bistro.

Xavier Artisan Bistro – or Xa Bistro for short – is a new restaurant within the brand-new River Prairie Wellness Center in Altoona, also owned by the DeFattas. Their vision for Xa Bistro was to create a place where good food isn’t just about taste; it's also about ingredients.

“There’s a lot of things we do externally to our face and to our body, things that can be done with creams and products and procedures,” Rima DeFatta said. “But then we realized that the picture isn’t complete without working on what you’re feeding yourself.”

Xa Bistro offers craft organic coffees, healthy breakfast options, homemade gelato, artisanal sandwiches, salads, made-from-scratch soups, and many entrees with Middle Eastern influence.

We really try to source from right around here,

Our honey comes from Thorp, our maple syrup comes from Menomonie, the kombucha is from a company in Milwaukee, even the potatoes in our potato chips were grown in Wisconsin.

Robert Defatta

Xavier artisan bistro

“I’m originally from the Middle East – the basin of everything ancient,” Rima said. "Having whole foods is a very important thing in our culture.”

This influence is seen most prominently in their mazza plates, which refers to small Middle Eastern cuisines such as hummus, baba ghannouj, tabbouli, muhammara, shankleesh, etc. – most often served with their homemade Levantine flatbread. 

The DeFattas believe that sourcing their ingredients locally is important not only for the community but in terms of the quality of the food. That's why they source most of their foods from Wisconsin and Minnesota and have their coffee roasted specifically for Xa in Montreal. You can even purchase many of their ingredient from their marketplace in order to reproduce your favorite Xa meals from the comfort of your home. 

“We really try to source from right around here,” Robert said. “Our honey comes from Thorp, our maple syrup comes from Menomonie, the kombucha is from a company in Milwaukee – even the potatoes in our potato chips were grown in Wisconsin.”

When the weather starts to warm up, Xa is going to break in its outdoor patio, allowing walkers and bikers to stop in and try some gelato, or even sip on refreshments, since Xa has successfully obtained its liquor license. 

“The goal is for (Xa) to be very comfortable for people," Robert said. "If you just want to come and study, there are outlets all around, free Wi-Fi. Come and sit here – whether you want to be by yourself or want to be in a group to study, or if you want to just come and relax.”

Xa’s menu will change and expand as they continue to get their feet under themselves. With their extensive backgrounds in all things noses, ears, and throats, the DeFattas want to continue adding healthy and allergy-conscience foods to their already extensive menu.

To check out their menu and learn more about Xavier Artisan Bistro, visit