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LIGHTNING LOOKS: Electric Dingo Underground Vintage Offers Eclectic Clothing

owner Cyndi Kelly pursues passion for fashion with new second-hand vintage shop

Sawyer Hoff |

A PASSION FOR FASHION: Cyndi Kelly opens Electric Dingo Underground Vintage to share her love of vintage clothing (submitted photo).
A PASSION FOR FASHION. Cyndi Kelly founded Electric Dingo Underground Vintage as a way to share her love of vintage clothing. (Submitted photo)

When we study history, it’s usually people, places, and events — but what about fashion? Electric Dingo Underground Vintage owner Cyndi Kelly believes fashion is an important part of history – and the present – which is why she sells vintage clothing to people around the country.

After traveling the world in hopes of finding a fulfilling career, Kelly made her way back home to Eau Claire and opened Electric Dingo. Her passion for vintage fashion was largely shaped by her mother and her degree in art history. 

It’s really important to me that clothing is recirculated. A lot of it would end up in landfills, and we're getting away from fast fashion, which causes a lot of pollution.

“Ever since I was a kid, I just really liked history, art, and fashion,” Kelly said. “My mom was very fashionable and thrifty. She made a lot of our clothing, and she passed that gift onto me.” 

Kelly spends her time searching high and low for unique and classic apparel to repair or refurbish and sell online. She goes to thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and surfs the internet to find these vintage pieces. 

Since reselling clothes (particularly online) is a rather new industry, many people don’t know the hard work that can go into repairing clothing to its former glory. Kelly repairs leather, sews fabric, repairs purses, and much more. This thrifting and reselling make the planet a lot happier.

“It’s important to me that clothing is recirculated,” Kelly said. “A lot of it would end up in landfills, and we’re getting away from fast fashion, which causes a lot of pollution. That aspect is really important to me and to other people too.”

Electric Dingo is getting a website soon, but for now, Kelly is selling her items on a number of online platforms, such as Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook, etc. You can also set up an appointment with her to come by her studio and take a look around at her inventory.

“I want people to understand that vintage doesn’t belong in a museum,” Kelly said. “They’re clothes, they’re meant to be worn and loved, because they’re still here.”

Check out Electric Dingo at poshmark.comYou can email Cyndi at to learn more or to set up appointments with her.