CAFFEINATION CRISIS: Who Stole Kwik Trip’s Coffee Cups?

convenience store offers 99-cent refills of coffee in your own cup due to apparent cup theft

Parker Reed |

WE NEED OUR COFFEE: The lack of coffee cups at Kwik Trip's around the nation is the result of many being taken by another gas station, but why who exactly? (submitted photo)
WE NEED OUR COFFEE! If you're wondering why there aren't any coffee cups at Kwik Trips around the nation, it's because another gas station allegedly stole them. The question is: WHY?  (Submitted photo)

Have you ever wanted to drink piping hot coffee out of Buddy’s syrup bottle, sand castle toys, a squirt gun, the deflated football from the 2014 AFC Championship game, Wilson the volleyball, a port potty, Santa’s sleigh, the teapot that Jim gave Pam, the magic conch shell, or even a guitar? Well, now is your chance. 

Kwik Trip announced Friday afternoon that they are out of coffee cups across the country, apparently due to the theft of literally all of their cups by a rival gas station. (At least that’s what the La Crosse-based convenience store chain claims in a Facebook post.)

The good news: You can refill your own cup (of any size) with coffee at any Kwik Trip location until cups are back in stock.

In response to the caffeination conspiracy, Kwik Trip released a statement on Facebook: “Save some money, save some paper, save some cups. Here’s 99 ideas to get you started.” 

True to form, Kwik Trip is making the best out of this unusual situation by keeping things fun and light-hearted amid a stressful situation.