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Do You Smell That? Buck Candle Co. Is Burnin’ It Up in Eau Claire

new candle and wax melt business concocts fresh, unique scents for your home

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When you love crafts and candles as much as Jackie Buck – a local mother of two, with a third on the way – starting a business is a no-brainer. 

What was once a tendency to grab and smell candles right off store shelves turned into a life-changing question: How the heck are these things made?

After spending time watching tutorials and doing her homework, Buck decided to give the creation of candles and wax melts a shot. With a flick of a match, Buck Candle Co. was born.

Despite a shortage in candle supplies and a slow start, Buck is pushing through to make it work.

The pandemic has been extremely hard on everyone, but I'm done using that as an excuse.

Jackie Buck

owner of Buck Candle Co.

“This pandemic has been extremely hard on everyone,” she said, “but I’m done using that as an excuse.”

Buck Candle Co. is run solo by Buck, and it’s something in which she takes great pride, especially since all of her creations are made right in her home.

Some of her more popular products include her wax melts and car freshies, and most scents range from year-round smells (such as Butt Naked, Fruit Loops, Blueberry Pancakes, Campfire, and Iced Vanilla Woods) to seasonal classics (such as Toasted Pumpkin Spice, Apple Pie, Toasted Pumpkin Crunch, or Pumpkin Honey Chai).

“All of my products are made by me, and only me,” she said. “I don’t have a team of people doing work for me, nor do I have a factory making (my products) and slapping my logo on it.”

Buck believes that her productivity and self-made creations is what truly makes her business special. Although Buck Candle Co. isn’t a well-known business in the Chippewa Valley, Buck hopes that she continues to grow and expand, so she can one day accomplish her dream of owning a storefront.

Until then, Buck hopes to continue getting her brand out into the public eye and her products into local stores, with plans to spend this upcoming summer dedicated to her craft.

In fact, Buck said there's a new product in the works that hasn't been seen before, and she's beyond excited to see how it all works out. 

“If I can get this new product to work, it (will be) a huge game changer for the wax melt community!” she said.  

For more information on Buck Candle Co. and their products visit their website here. To connect and interact with Buck, follow her on Facebook  or on Instagram (@buckcandleco).

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