SHOP FOR LOVE? Hy-Vee Looks For Love in New Reality Dating Show

Can one grocery chain foster love in its aisles? Hy-Vee sure hopes so

Sawyer Hoff, video by Joel Pearish |

Eau Claire's new Hy-Vee has opened many doors to the area:  fresh produce, popular fashion and now ... love?

Love at First Bite is a new reality dating show set in the romantic aisles of a Hy-Vee. Former production team member on The Bachelor, Kristian Day, will produce this fresh take on modern love. The idea is to bring two people together for the first time in Hy-Vee, prod them to shop for ingredients, and cook a meal together. Sound familiar? It’s the same thing your mom and dad have probably been doing for decades. Let’s hope that any sparks flying comes from the couples – not their cooking.

The show will be released on Hy-Vee’s digital streaming platform, the Helpful Smiles TV network (HSTV).

Filming is set to begin in February, but couple pairings are still in the works. Casting is closed for now, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own love story. Just wander the aisles of Hy-Vee. Who knows? Maybe you'll find love at Wahlburgers.