Hot Air Balloon Rides? Riding a Camel Through the Desert? Explore the World With This New Travel Biz

Laura Ericson Group Trips offers travel planning services, group vacations, and traveler companions to ensure safe journeys

Stephanie Nesja |

Imagine yourself riding a camel through the desert or flying over pyramids in a hot air balloon. Imagine the experience of a lifetime being immersed in a new culture as a traveler, not a tourist. 

A new local travel planning service, Laura Ericson Group Trips, aims to offer those experiences – and so much more, culminating in adventures of a lifetime. 

Travel feels very inaccessible or intimidating, so I wanted to remove those barriers to make it easier.

Laura Ericson

Founder or Laura Ericson Group TrIps

When the pandemic hit, owner Laura Ericson felt discouraged by the inability to leave the country. “It sucked the life out of me,” she admitted. But when borders began reopening and travel slowly bounced back, Ericson took the opportunity to pack her bags once again. In October 2021, she quit her job of 14 years to launch her novel business to do what she loves most: travel. 

Ericson was inspired to establish her business through her fear of traveling alone – especially as a woman. She struggled with finding people who could travel with her, whether it was because of a lack of funds or a lack of time off of work. Now, most of Ericson’s clients are women, and she hopes to curate trips designed for specific groups, such as women or single individuals – or even retirement celebrations. By limiting group sizes to 10-13 individuals, travelers can easily connect with one another, allowing for a sense of safety and camaraderie. 

“Travel feels very inaccessible or intimidating,” Ericson said, “so I wanted to remove those barriers to make it easier.” She offers payment plans and thorough research provided via an itinerary. Approximately 60%-75% of the trips are planned by Ericson, who acts as the trip facilitator, while a certified professional guides the group along the way. 

To help clients feel safe, Ericson researches safety measures for each specific destination, especially taking COVID protocols into consideration. Her main goal is to teach people to appreciate nontraditional tourism through unique destinations and experiences. Plus, traveling with Laura Ericson Group Trips ensures you’ll never have to travel alone.

Laura will be returning to Turkey – one of her favorite destinations – in April with a group of up to 10 individuals. Are you hankering for a unique travel opportunity? Spots are still available!  For more information, check out

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