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Chippewa Valley Crossword | January 2022

sharpen your pencils and test out your local knowledge

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The 20 clues below will test your knowledge of local geography, history, personalities, trivia, and more.

You’ll find the puzzle on Page 11 of our Jan. 13, 2022, issue.

Chippewa Valley Crossword No. 3 (Jan. 13, 2022)

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3. Chippewa Falls park known for Christmas light display

6. Largest cross-country ski race in America, for short

7. Name of Altoona sledding hill and Easter candy [two words]

8. E.C. native Jake McCabe plays hockey for this Chicago team

11. Icebound Menomonie landmark the Devil’s _________

13. E.C. Parks & Recreation flooded two more of these this winter [two words]

14. _____ Keg snowshoe, fat bike, and ski race at Lowes Creek

15. 136th annual ski jump will be held on this hill outside Eau Claire [two words]

16. On Dec. 15, Eau Claire County experienced this weather phenomenon, which usually occurs in summer

18. Northside E.C. park with many winter amenities

19. Hot cocoa invented and made in Menomonie [two words]


1. Eau Claire native and 2018 Olympian Ben

2. Nickname of sledding hill next to Eau Claire’s Forest Hill Cemetery [two words]

4. Famed northern Wisconsin ski lodge demolished in early 2021

5. Recently imported Canadian sport that combines 17 down with the board game crokinole

9. Wisconsin’s Carl Eliason built the prototype of this winter recreational device

10. Local program to decrease social isolation and increase outdoor activity in winter

12. Answer to 6 across begins in Cable and ends in this town

17. Ice sport played by sliding heavy stones toward a target

19. North American Hockey League team in Chippewa Falls