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How Well Do You Remember 2021? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

Some clues: food trucks, cranes, and a $70M gift

V1 Staff |

How do you reflect on a year like 2021?

We can almost hear you shouting, “Well, at least it wasn’t another 2020!” We don’t disagree: If 2020 was a total dumpster fire, 2021 was at least an improvement. Maybe it was a single burning trash can, or perhaps a slightly charred but still usable wastebasket. Not the best, mind you, but not a total disaster.

We here are Volume One tend to look at the lighter, brighter side of life, so here you’ll find our not-so-serious (but not-entirely-unserious) review of interesting local happenings from the past 12 months. And rather than simply reciting a bunch of stuff that occurred in 2021, were continuing our tradition of providing our Year in Review in the form of a quiz. (Can you say “fun”? Say it. Please!)

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