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Opening Up

March Forth and Conquer: New Valley-Based Biz Offers Natural Path to Healing

March Forth Co. offers holistic approach to managing chronic health challenges

Abigail Peaslee |

Navigating health and healing can be an overwhelming process for many individuals struggling with chronic illness. A new Chippewa Valley business, March Forth Co., aims to offer a more holistic approach to healing by supporting personal development to ultimately help individuals find success managing chronic health challenges.

“March Forth Co. is a consulting business for social entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders who are emphatically prepared to maximize social impact in their organizations,” said owner Ashley Hansen. The business opened this past spring offering wholehearted storytelling and camaraderie through shared experiences and collaboration.

The business’s key phrase, “so(ul)cial impact,” is meant to convey and reverberate positive outcomes when built with “healing purpose and intent,” said Hansen, a self-described mother, healer, and bookworm.

After undergoing an extensive surgery for endometriosis and the aftermath of a car accident, Hansen navigated the complexity of her search for healing and hopes to offer clients the same care she found through her health journeys. 

“March Forth Co. began with the healing intention of wholeheartedly carving out unique opportunities for folks like me,” Hansen said. “I've spent the majority of my personal life navigating chronic mental and physical health challenges, and for 13 years professionally, I have worked alongside remarkable clients as they have traversed personal trauma, grief, and loss.”

“In the future,” she continued, “I hope to be able to give others opportunities to work with greater purpose, as they are, when they can, while honoring mental and/or physical needs of the moment.”

For more information about March Forth Co. and their services, visit