This Rocks! Crystal-Based Jewelry Biz Uses Crystals to Create Unique Crafts

Cancer Queen Collective, a horoscope-inspired jewelry business, takes eye-catching gems to create wearable art

Reonna Huettner

When the pandemic hit, Eau Clairian Monica Markham – a self-described dog mom, hobby chicken farmer, and crystal enthusiast - started her own horoscope-inspired business, dubbed Cancer Queen Collective. 

“I have always been ‘crafty,’” Markham said, “but being in isolation for so long had me thinking boss babe moves.” 

With all that positive energy, Cancer Queen Collective opened shop in July 2020, making products such as polymer clay earrings, crystal-wrapped hoop earrings, and bath soaks and scrubs. 

Since then, Markham has broadened her horizons and began creating new products to sell. One of her more popular items are her essential oil, crystal soaps. These handcrafted soaps each have a locally sourced crystal from The Broom and Crow placed inside for folks to keep once the soap is lathered out. 

Another popular product is her crystal-wrapped earrings, which the customer gets to pick from a wide selection of crystals, as well as what size hoops they’d like. From there, Markham takes the gem and creates a custom pair of hoops based on the customer’s preferences. 

“I know I don’t always have pockets, so when I can wear my (crystals in) jewelry, I take advantage,” she said. 

In the near future, Markham hopes to have her products sold in local businesses until she is able to pursue her dream of owning a full-time shop on Barstow Street. 

For more information on Cancer Queen Collective, visit, their Facebook (@cancerqueencollectivellc21), Instagram (@cancerqueen92), or Twitter (@cancerllc).

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