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Art, Music, and Hot Beef Sandwiches: ‘Discover Wisconsin’ Dives Into Downtown Eau Claire

travel TV series returns to explore heart of the city

Tom Giffey |

CHECK OUT THAT VIEW. Discover Wisconsin host Josh Casey, left, chats with Adam Condit of Blue Ox Running.
OOH THAT VIEW. Discover Wisconsin host Josh Casey, left, chats with Adam Condit of Blue Ox Running.

Just a few months after cozying up to the joys of an Eau Claire winter, the tourism TV series Discover Wisconsin has returned to highlight the beauty and vitality of our city’s downtown.

A recently premiered episode of the show, titled “Wisconsin’s Downtowns,” explores the downtowns of La Crosse, Oshkosh, Green Bay, and Eau Claire.

In the segment, host Josh Casey calls downtown Eau Claire “a little bit quirky, a little bit cool” and highlight’s the community’s music, art, cuisine, and recreational options.

“I’m here to talk to a few of the locals to find out if what I’ve heard it true, that Eau Claire is like a mini version of Portland, which still manages to keep up Wisconsin’s Midwest pace and kindness,” Casey says, before chatting with several folks about what makes Eau Claire unique. He meets Erin Klaus of Tangled Up in Hue, Aaron Brice and Mikala Dale of Ambient Inks, Nicole Johnson of Sofar Sounds, and Adam Condit of Blue Ox Running, who lauds the scenic city’s downtown trails.

“We’ve basically taken some main veins of trails and interconnected them all throughout the coolest parts of Eau Claire,” Condit says.

In addition to exploring Sculpture Tour Eau Claire and downtown’s numerous murals, Casey visits the Pablo Center at the Confluence, Carson Park, and Revival Records and highlights the colorfully lit bridges and even the legendary hot beef sandwiches at Ray’s Place.

Check out the episode (embedded above), which is also available at and was recently aired on broadcast and cable TV stations across eight Midwestern states. The Eau Claire segment begins at about the 4:33 mark.