Letters to the Beloved: E.C. Author Publishes Devotional Commentary, Encourages Individual Growth

forthcoming book explores concepts from the New Testament that record one man’s faith journey

Reonna Huettner |

Jason Kanz – an Eau Claire husband, father, neuropsychologist, and self-published author – has carried his faith with him throughout life, but about six years ago his passion for Christianity and writing turned into something bigger than himself. As he was studying books from the New Testament, he realized something felt off.

“I found myself reeling (from) the book of James,” Kanz said. “It was so different. I was struggling to wrap my head around it, and just got into my head.”
The inability to grasp the concept of books from the New Testament had pushed Kanz to create his new book, Letters to the Beloved. It’s the biggest project the writer has ever accomplished.
The end result is a devotional commentary that explores and records what God had spoken to Kanz as he made his way through scripture. The book has been a project for the local author since 2016, when he started plugging away at writing small parts every day.
“My faith journey has shown substantial shifts,” he said, and he conveyed his excitement to see how the new book can provide the opportunity for growth for those who pick it up and read it.

Letters to the Beloved will be available for purchase on Oct. 25 on Amazon ($24.95 paperback or $9.99 kindle). Jason Kanz can be connected on Facebook (dockanz), instagram (dockanz), Twitter (dockanz), or his website (

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