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Meet the Best – Trubilt Collision Center

Trubilt Collision Center’s dedication to safety and advanced training make them the No. 1 auto body shop in the Valley

If you’re wondering what makes Trubilt Collision Center the best auto body shop in the Chippewa Valley, it’s really their dedicated team of vehicle professionals, who are committed to safety, advanced training, and giving back to their community through their work repairing vehicles and ensuring their safety after collisions.

“We all pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to make sure our customers’ expectations are met,” said Nicki Espeseth, the customer service representative of Trubilt. “Our entire team at Trubilt is committed to our ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy – and that makes it easy to provide great service with a smile every day.”

As cars evolve, so does safety technology, and Trubilt is dedicated to ensuring your car is as safe as possible. Trubilt offers state-of-the-art services to keep you safe in your vehicle after a collision.

“Quality is only attainable if every person at Trubilt is focused on that specific goal,” said Wayne Emberson, damage appraiser at Trubilt. “Quality is something we can all be proud of – including the customer who can say they selected Trubilt for their repair. While 100% may indeed be unattainable at all times, that is our challenge. And the entire team looks forward to stepping up to that challenge.”

Quality is something we can all be proud of – including the customer who can say they selected Trubilt for their repair.



After a collision, the friendly team at Trubilt is right there to prepare damage estimates, walk you through how to report your losses, contact insurance company representatives, obtain a rental vehicle, offer advice on maintaining the safety and quality of your vehicle, and – of course – offer their unique Detail4Life program at their Eau Claire location, which gives customers a free detail four times a year if they have a repair order over $4,000. That includes a super wash and dry of your car’s exterior, glass cleaning, a vacuumed interior, light checks, freshly wiped down dash and seats, and a check of all the fluids in your vehicle.

“I want Trubilt to be known as the shop that continually pushes the envelope on doing what is right for our customers,” said Clint Landrum, body technician, “to help educate them on safe and proper repairs, and to continually build upon the reputation of quality that we have created over the years.”

There’s no shortage of services that demonstrate their incredible reputation in the community, including damage appraisers that can help throughout the entire repair process, drive-in estimations, vehicle accident repairs, paint refinishing and touch-ups, 24/7 towing, certified auto technicians that are friendly, no-cost pick up and drop off, and (get this!) free snacks at their office, located at 1631 Harding Ave. in Eau Claire. At their Altoona location, they offer a Give Back program, where 2% of your repair fees go to a nonprofit of your choosing. But Trubilt’s dedication to safety goes beyond ensuring vehicles are safe to operate after collisions; it extends to their goal to improve their community by giving back. And it starts by valuing their hardworking team and creating a tight-knit sense of community.

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