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Who Wants to Be a City Council Member? It Could Be You!

Eau Claire residents can apply for vacant seat by May 18

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Eau Claire City Hall: Where the governmental magic happens.
Eau Claire City Hall: Where the governmental magic happens.

If you’re interested in getting onto the Eau Claire City Council without having to go to the trouble of winning an election, have we got a deal for you: The city is currently accepting applications to fill a vacant at-large council seat.

The vacancy was created last month when Councilmember Mai Xiong announced she was resigning approximately one year into her term. To hop into the now-open at-large seat, you’ll have to act fast: Letters of interest are due to the Eau Claire city clerk by 5pm on Tuesday, May 18.

After applicants interview with council members and make presentations, the council will vote to choose its new member on June 8. Whoever is picked will hold the seat through April 19, 2022. (An election for a regular three-year term will be held on April 5, 2022.)

Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know:


Interested residents must submit a letter of interest (resume optional) to the City Clerk containing the following information:

  • Applicant’s name and address
  • Telephone number and/or other method of contact (such as an email address)
  • Brief statement (approximately one page) indicating:
    • Interest in serving as an At-Large City Council Member
    • That the applicant meets the minimum requirements for being appointed to the position (applicable age, residency, voting qualification, and citizenship requirements – basically you have to be at least 18 years old, a citizen, live in the city, and not be a convicted felon)
    • What contribution or perspective they can bring to the City Council
    • What other city or civic committee(s) they have served on, or other experience related to the position, if any
    • Vision to support or enhance the city’s vision, mission, and strategic plan (https://www.eauclairewi.gov/our-city/vision-mission-values)

Letters of interest must be received in the City Clerk’s office by 5pm on Tuesday, May 18. Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview with the City Council on May 26 or 27, and asked to make a brief presentation at the City Council meeting on Monday, June 7, at 7pm. The council will consider the appointment at its Legislative Session on Tuesday, June 8, at 4pm.

Letters can be submitted to the Eau Claire City Clerk in-person, via U.S. Postal Service, or by e-mail.

  • Address: Eau Claire City Hall, Third Floor, 203 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire, WI 54701
  • Email: Carrie.Riepl@EauClaireWI.gov
  • Phone: (715) 839-4912