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Senior Care Franchise Headquarters to Open in Eau Claire

Sapphire Senior Care offers hospice care, positive living accommodations for elderly folks

Keely Khoury |

(Photo by Sapphire Senior Care)
(Photo by Sapphire Senior Care)

Serially successful entrepreneur Daniel Pekol has run his own businesses since graduating from North High School. Keen to keep challenging himself, Pekol recently announced that his latest venture, Sapphire Senior Care, is going national.

The homecare company is expanding to offer a nation-wide franchising option, with headquarters in Eau Claire. “Starting up is exciting,” Pekol said. “And this part of Wisconsin is a great place to live and work. I’ve found people to be very supportive of someone pursuing a passion.”

Pekol has owned and run a variety of companies. What they have in common is his dedication to the service provided and to being a force for good in the community. His first organization, A-Plus Limousine Service, inspired his second, Chippewa Valley Airport Service, after he started providing shuttle rides to the Minneapolis airport for recipients of Make-A-Wish Foundation gifts.

After purchasing two different franchises, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Beehive Homes, Pekol spotted an opportunity. “In just a few years of being in healthcare, I’ve seen tremendous growth in senior living accommodations and services such as hospice care,” Pekol said. “It’s a positive situation for the consumer when more choices are available. It keeps companies accountable and innovative.”

One of the most important lessons Pekol has learned in his years of management and ownership is to hire the best people. “No one can be an expert at everything. You have to find people that are good at what they do and build a company around them,” he said.

Franchise sales open in April, and development of the national headquarters is underway. Learn more about the project at