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Growing Attention: Popular ‘Pothead’ Artwork Takes Root

’I love that my art doesn’t have faces, so anyone can put themselves as the pothead,’ the artist says

Sawyer Hoff |

POTHEAD? NAH, BUT POTS FOR HEADS. Kayla Nyre's artwork breaks realism boundaries by replacing human heads with... potted plants?

What happens when you mix a love for plants and for people? Just ask Kayla Nyre, the creator of “pothead” art – a style that shows off different people with potted plants for heads.

This unique style came to Nyre’s own (non-potted) head when she decided to branch out on her art and hone her skills in a different way.

I thought about how much I love plants and how cool it would be to mix that in.

Kayla Nyre

local artist

“To push myself, I wanted to replace the heads with something else.” Nyre said. “At first it was a floating skull, but then I thought about how I love plants and how cool it would be to mix that in.”

Kayla’s “pothead” art immediately spoke to people, which prompted her to continue with this series. The UW-Stout grad, who studied entertainment design/animation before moving to Eau Claire three years ago, says her potheads are all diverse and unique, so anyone and everyone can be a pothead.

“I love that my art doesn’t have faces, so that anyone can put themselves as the pothead,” Nyre said. “If someone can find enjoyment with my potheads then that is the biggest reason why I continue to make them.”

Nyre has been interested in art and drawing all of her life, thanks to the guidance of her mother.

“My mom was the biggest influence for me when it came to art,” Nyre explained. “As an artist herself, she raised me to draw with material you couldn’t erase so that I wouldn’t overthink what I created. If I made a line I didn’t want, I’d just keep going and it would become a part of the drawing.”

In the future, Nyre hopes to get her art out in the physical world, such as through labels or album art. She would also love to go back to her animation roots and create some 3D animations of her potheads.

You can check out her art on her Instagram at @kaylamnyre. She also sells stickers and prints on her website,