Chippewa Valley Crossword: Puzzle No. 1

sharpen your pencils and test out your local knowledge

V1 Staff |

For years, we here at Volume One have talked about creating a locally themed crossword. Well, we finally did it! The 20 clues below will test your knowledge of local geography, history, personalities, trivia, and more.

You’ll find the puzzle on Page 12 of our March 18 issue as well as online below (scroll down for the link).  And, if you filled the puzzle out in the magazine and are looking for the answers, choose “REVEAL GRID” on the online puzzle.

Note: There was an error in the space provided for 14 Down in the printed version of the puzzle. The online version has been corrected, but if you did the puzzle in print and were confused, that’s why! Just give yourself a freebie, OK?

Chippewa Valley Crossword No. 1 (March 18, 2021)

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2. Giant Eau Claire “place” named for a rubber mixer

4. Where two rivers meet

8. More accurate spelling for Chippewa people

9. Poorly defined university mascot

12. French for “winter,” but misspelled

13. Altoona’s steam-powered mascot

17. Eau Claire state representative Jodi

18. Leinie’s hit it big with this summer favorite

20. Kids’ theater group, briefly


1. Mythical African kingdom and Menomonie Park

3. Eau Claire is continental capital of this lawn sport

5. Namesake of public library (and much more)

6. Silver Spring Foods famed condiment

7. Avenue that goes east, west, and north!

10. EC clinic that merged with Mayo (original spelling)

11. Chippewa Falls’ main drag

14. Eau Claire business famed for Salad Shooter

15. Big lake in the midst of Menomonie

16. Home run champ who played for Eau Claire Bears

19. Eastside Hill street and territorial governor