Love Is In The Air: Local Florist Offers Five Flowery Tips For Valentine’s Day

the weather may be intensely cold, but flowers can still warm hearts

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Despite all the distance the past year has imposed on us, Valentine’s Day comes as a reminder to show the deep appreciation we have for those who fill our hearts.

And that sentiment is no different for local florists, who help Chippewa Vallians show others their appreciation the way they know best: through flowers. Located on South Barstow Street in downtown Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Floral is already prepared for this special day.

“(Chippewa Valley Floral) is lucky to have a retail space in downtown that not only has flowers and gifts but also antiques,” said Kadie Schultz, owner of Chippewa Valley Floral. “That makes it easy for people to come in and personally pick out an item for their loved one. It is important to keep in mind when people call directly, or stop in to their local florist, you will get more for your money and cut out the middle man than if you were to order from one of the big-name flower websites."

If you plan to order online, Chippewa Valley Floral has some recommendations for you:

Valentine's Day 2020 at Chippewa Valley Floral in downtown Eau Claire. (Photo via Facebook)
Valentine's Day 2020 at Chippewa Valley Floral in downtown Eau Claire. (Photo via Facebook)

1. Get Rosy

For a romantic partner, classic and timeless red roses are never a miss, as they represent love and romance.

2. Lilies in the Valley

If you are looking to go a less traditional route, look to lilies – a symbol of femininity and love – as a staple piece in your bouquet.

3. Others You Love

For a mother or daughter, Schultz suggests light-colored roses or multicolored and variety arrangements, as they can convey passion, enthusiasm, and friendship. For friends and coworkers who deserve a little extra love, multicolored and variety arrangements are good choices as well.

4. Creative Approach

Or you can put your trust in a talented florist and go with the “deal of the day,” where the florist gets creative and makes a unique bouquet.

5. Clear Communication

With folks looking for a contactless way to show their loved ones they are thinking of them, remember to communicate as much delivery information as you can about the recipient and the time they will be home. Chippewa Valley Floral does no-contact deliveries by setting flowers at the door, knocking, and waiting in the delivery vehicle to make sure someone gets the flowers. It is important to note that in this cold weather arrangements should not be left outside for more than half an hour.

With the expected high volume, Chippewa Valley Floral suggests people contact them directly and as early as possible to get their Valentine’s Day orders in.

If you're looking to order flowers for Valentine’s Day (or any day!) here is Volume One’s online directory of florists.