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Local Artist’s Creation at Confluence Wins Sculpture Tour People’s Choice Award

sculpture will be purchased and added to city’s permanent collection

V1 Staff |

"Ingrain," a sculpture of Chippewa Valley artist Dan Ingersoll, was selected as the People's Choice Winner for the 2020 season of the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. (Image by Giles Photography)

A sculpture evoking the Chippewa Valley’s logging history and designed to stand at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers is the latest People’s Choice Award winner for the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire.

“Ingrain” by Dan Ingersoll, a retired art teacher from the Chippewa Valley, is composed of ceramic logs arranged within a “V” shape, which is meant to represent both the joining of the rivers and the “V” in “Valley.” Visitors can gaze through a circular section in the middle of the sculpture to frame various downtown vistas. “Ingrain” was chosen by members of the public as the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the 2020 edition of the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire, Executive Director Julie Pangallo announced Sunday.

As a winner, the sculpture will be purchased by the Sculpture Tour and donated to the City of Eau Claire’s permanent collection thanks to sponsorships from the North Barstow/Medical BID Board and the South Barstow BID Board. The sculpture is valued at $15,000.

Fort the past 10 years, the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire has brought dozens of new works of art to the city’s sidewalks and parks each spring. The sculptures – which are created by regional, national, and international artists – remain on display for at least a year.

The most recent Sculpture Tour encompasses 35 sculptures scattered around Eau Claire. When sculptures that are on permanent display are included, the total grows to 53. These include past People’s Choice winners including “High Five,” the dog sculpture now on permanent display in Phoenix Park, and “Maestro,” the 2019 winner, which portrays a young conductor and remains on South Barstow Street.

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