High Five

Most Unusual Results from Our 2020 Best of the Valley Poll

Slim Jims, baseball, and complaining about the weather

Tom Giffey |

Slim Jim lovers: They're out there, and they love a Long Boi. (Photo: SlimJim.com)
Slim Jim lovers: They're out there, and they love a Long Boi. (Photo: SlimJim.com)

1. Oh, You Mean THAT Stadium.

When asked about the “Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen Soon” in our latest Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll*, more than a dozen voters selected “Carson Park Baseball Stadium.” We were perplexed, considering there’s been a baseball stadium at Carson Park since 1936! Then we realized they probably meant proposed renovations should happen soon.

2. Drink in the History.

Among the responses for “Best Museum/Historical Site” we spied The Joynt, the beloved Water Street tavern. While not isn’t technically a museum, the building at 322 Water St. was designated an official local landmark a few years back, so – strange as it seems – The Joynt does belong on this list!

3. Snap Into a Slim Jim.

When we created the “Best Social Media Presence / Business or Organization” question, we assumed voters would respond with the names of local businesses or organizations. This year, inexplicably, a couple of people cast votes for “Slim Jim.” After checking Slim Jim’s Instagram, we admit the meat stick maker’s meme game is strong, but we had to disqualify them because they’re a national brand. (Sorry! You’re still tasty!)

4. Zero Stars.

We’re literally asking for it when we pose the “Most Overrated Thing in or About the Valley” question to voters. And they don’t disappoint! There’s often an overlap between the winners on this list and the most-loved things, and this year was no different. Consider, for instance, that a number of curmudgeons voted for “Lights on Bridges,” “the music scene,” and “The weather! (it sucks).” Haters, as they say, are gonna hate.

5. Supply vs. Demand.

Likewise, our poll asks for opinions on “Things the Chippewa Valley is Bad At.” Several dozen voters checked the box for “Paying our musicians/artists,” a worthy topic of discussion. Coincidentally, almost as many voters contended we’re bad at “Affordable entertainment.” We’re still trying to square these two answers with each other.

* Find all the results of our Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll in the Feb. 4 issue of Volume One!