Dave Power Leaves the Kit Behind on New White Dune Album

the multi-talented drummer leans into electric tendencies on ‘Presence’

Eric Christenson |

Over the last 10 years, Dave Power has made a name for himself, but mostly behind the scenes. The UW-Eau Claire grad is a highly in-demand drummer in the Midwest music scene – you can find Power behind the kit for bands like Aero Flynn, Adelyn Rose, Rose Of The West, Moon Ruin, and more. Under the radar, Power has been making beats of his own under the name White Dune for years. After a long break, White Dune is back with a sleek, full length album called Presence. Power is as at-home behind synths and drum machines as he is behind the drum kit, and his electronic stylings really show off what he can do as a complete musician. It’s well worth your time to check it out on Spotify or at