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Awards Program Seeks Forces For Positive Change

$10K prizes available to nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid enterprises in Wisconsin

Tom Giffey |

Applications are now open for the fourth annual Force for Positive Change awards, which are open to nonprofit, for-profit, and hybrid enterprises in Wisconsin. “The Force for Positive Change is a statewide competition that focuses on social entrepreneurship as a model for solving social or environmental challenges in a way that is sustainable, just, and generates impact in Wisconsin,” a press release announcing the awards said. At least six $10,000 awards will go to organizations demonstrating innovative models to solve complex problems, while three $10,000 prizes will go to high-impact social enterprises addressing United Nations sustainable development goals. In addition, three new $10,000 prizes were created this year: one for a successful pivot in response to COVID-19, one for an organization addressing racial equity, and one for an organization impacting rural Wisconsin. The Force for Positive Change program is sponsored by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Marquette University. Applications are due Jan. 19. Find full rules and application forms at