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The CV Home Builders Want to See Your Gingerbread Home

holiday construction contest seeks entries by Dec. 7

James Johonnott |

ARCHITECTURE THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT. A gingerbread starter home.

Looking for more opportunities for your confectionary architecture talents to be recognized? To follow-up on the popularity of their LEGO contest this spring, The Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association is hosting a new gingerbread house building contest this holiday season.

Entries will be judged in four categories: age 12 and under, age 13-17, adults, and families. The winner of each category will take home a $50 Amazon gift card, provided by Gray Area Interiors. Entries will be judged on overall appearance, craftsmanship, and creativity.

The rules are simple: One gingerbread house/structure per entry. Entries must come from Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn, Clark, Pepin, or Buffalo counties. Any structure – real or imaginary – is welcome. Lights may be used, but no other artificial embellishments, building materials, or structural supports are allowed.

Participants must submit photo(s) of their creations by Monday, Dec. 7, via email to, and they must indicate the age group category being entered.

I recommend pre-cutting your windows and doors in the gingerbread before you cook the dough, leaving them in, and re-cutting and removing the shapes afterward. It helps keep the lines straight. Also, once your walls have hardened, sand the edges with a fine-toothed zester or grater. Good luck!