Dive Into Some Festive – and Local – Reads

looking for some good holiday reads? Look no further than these local authors ...

Julie Quinn |

Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Stereoscope

by David Tank

When Sam and his younger sister, Abby, find a mysterious stereoscope and 3D photographs of Santa Claus, they begin to question the man behind the beard. Suddenly trapped in 1893, the siblings travel through time and discover “The Night Before Christmas” is part of an elaborate plan to conceal the true identity of Santa Claus. Will they be able to return to the present and solve the mystery?

Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Magic Watch

by David Tank

If you enjoyed Sam, Abby, and Nick’s first adventure, get ready to unwrap the sequel. Christmas meets the Roaring Twenties in this time traveling whirlwind. When Abby finds herself locked in the past, Sam and Nick must return her to the present.

Secret Santa: The Mystery of the Lost Guitar

by David Tank

The third installment of the Secret Santa series just dropped! Watch out for David Tank’s new third book, which hit The Local Store shelves just in time for this holiday season. Join Sam, Abby, and Justin as they travel back to 1968 in search of their grandfather’s long-lost guitar – and navigate how to get back to the present.

Christmas Comeback (To Me)

by Caroline Akervik

International Hockey League goalie Erik Engen has returned to his hometown in Noelle, Wisconsin, for the annual Nutcracker Festival. Erik soon learns his former lover, artist Stella Larson, has returned to Noelle as well. The two quickly realize the feelings between them haven’t changed.

Starr Tree Farm 

by Ellen Parker

Mystery, romance, and Christmas cross paths in this holiday thriller! Devastated by the lack of progress in the police investigation of her husband’s murder almost one year earlier, Laura Tanner retreats to her relative’s Christmas tree farm in Crystal Springs, Wisconsin, hoping her private investigator uncle will be able to crack the case.

Calvin the Cookie Maker

by Caroline Akervik

Wisconsin youngster Calvin is met with the holiday blues. A cooking show on TV inspires Calvin to create a delicious Christmas cookie book of his own. He tries to show his parents his latest creation, but they are wrapped up in the craziness of the Christmas season to pay any attention. Will Calvin be able to enjoy the holidays – and possibly a cookie or two?

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