3 Things We Love Right Now

kudos to upcycled mittens, poll workers, and holiday pies

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth |


As the weather outside becomes more frightful, nothing is more delightful than sweater mittens, especially if they’re upcycled from old sweaters. The Smitten Sisters make intricate mittens – similar to the ones pictured above – right in Eau Claire, which are available at The Local Store! If you’re looking to be extra creative, try making your own from an old sweater. There are lots of easy tutorials online to help you keep your fingers warm and nimble this holiday season.



Apple Pie? Pumpkin pie? French silk? Cherry Cream Cheese? Chocolate Chip Mint? Blackberry? It’s officially pie season in the Chippewa Valley  – just like it is every other day of the year for us here at Volume One. Hit up local favorite pie shops – like Main Street Cafe in Bloomer – for a delightful assortment of pies for this holiday season. If you aren’t much of a pie person, look out for the new Josef’s Cheesecakes coming to Eau Claire soon. Happy eats!



Yes, this is a holiday-themed issue, but we can’t let the moment pass without giving a huge shout-out to the people who worked at the polls during the election – both on Nov. 3 and in the days before at early voting sites. Under potential dangerous, stressful, and chaotic conditions, the Valley’s poll workers calmly helped voters and efficiently tabulated the results at the end of the night. By 11pm on Election Day, all of Eau Claire County’s ballots were counted.