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Getting Gigs: EC Native Pens Biz Success Book

Abigail Bostwick |

In today’s limitless digital world, working for yourself offers a vast array of possibilities, at least according to Stephen Poynter – a Minneapolis-based author, freelancer, and lifestyle entrepreneur who hails from Eau Claire.

Poynter recently published The Flat Fee Freelancer: Why You Can (and Should) Triple Your Income in the Gig Economy, a guide to entrepreneurial success. “I hope to help entrepreneurs develop a holistic mindset focused on results instead of time, and be much more successful in the long-run,” Poynter said. “A lot of entrepreneurs forget that they aren’t employees anymore, and focus on trading hours of their life for money instead of providing transformative results. How you view your business affects how you price it, and vice-versa.”

The Flat Fee Freelancer is available at The Local Store. To find out more, visit workwithstephenpoynter.com. You can also check out his Facebook group for creative entrepreneurs, “Lifequester Hacks,” to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.