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Communication is Key

A decade of mortgage lending at Royal Credit Union finds Jeff Sproul re-dedicated to his community-minded ethos.

It’s been a wild year for Jeffrey Sproul and the mortgage loan office at Royal Credit Union. The pandemic hitting this spring has rippled into a whirlwind year of record sales in the local housing market. Houses are listed and within a day, sometimes even less, they’re sold.

Luckily, Jeffrey is a seasoned expert in getting people the flexible options they need for buying, selling, or refinancing. And doing it quickly. The office is busier than ever, but also as dedicated as ever to make their members’ money moves easy, every step of the way.

Celebrating his 10th anniversary at the credit union this year (nearly to the day), Jeffrey’s hard work this year is indicative of the efficient and friendly service that’s been the backbone of Royal’s community-minded ethos since day one — neighbors helping neighbors. And with rates at historic lows in an unprecedented year, people are refinancing like never before — and Jeffrey’s working like crazy to make sure everybody’s taken care of and feeling good about their finances.

“For me, it’s about communication,” Jeffrey said. “Getting back to people right away, establishing that relationship … it comes down to treating people with respect and building that trust.”

Normally, meeting with people face to face to discuss their mortgages and financial situations makes an anxious situation a bit easier. In 2020 though, Jeffrey’s working extra hard to make that connection and to feel that sense of calm via email and over the phone. It’s not easy, but it’s clearly working, as his return customers are ringing him up after good previous experiences.

“Most of my business this year is people coming back,” he said. “It’s that personal service … the number one advantage is everything being local.”

Jeffrey’s been in the game for almost 30 years, so he knows the challenges and the nervousness people face when dealing with such big numbers and big commitments. But he’s quick with a joke and a talkative, friendly guy ready to just talk everything out, put people at ease, and let them realize they’re in good hands.

And that’s really what’s at the heart of Royal Credit Union’s philosophy, something Jeffrey has championed even before he started working for Royal: We’re all living here and working here together. We’re all local. We should treat each other like neighbors because that’s what we are, this year and every other year.

So if you’re looking to buy or sell a house, or refinance a loan, go with somebody you can trust to have your best interests at heart. Go with Royal Credit Union and go with Jeffrey Sproul.

“For me, it’s about communication … it comes down to treating people with respect and building that trust.”

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