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Scott Knepper knows Commercial Realty

Licensed commercial real estate agent Scott Knepper works every day to make a difference. With 25 years of hands-on experience in owning and operating small businesses and local franchises — with 14 businesses in five states — Knepper and his business partner Cody Filipczak work with Trillium Commercial Realty to help local business owners make their dream businesses a reality.

When it comes to property management, “I’ve been there,” Knepper says. “I’ve won, I’ve lost. I’ve leased multiple spaces personally. And when I talk to tenants, I say the same thing: I understand.”

“I enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like a work day. It’s my passion.”

Scott Knepper
Trillium Commercial Realty

6176 Sandstone Road
Eau Claire

(715) 861-6422

scott@trilliumcommercial.com(scott (at) trilliumcommercial [d0t] com,)


Knepper grew up in Eau Claire and holds a business degree from UW-Stout. After receiving his master’s degree in education from St. Mary’s University, he moved to California, where he worked as an educator and school administrator in low-income districts for eight years.

There are many things that education and real estate have in common, and among them are ethics and trust, Knepper says. Now, Knepper applies his education background to help guide first-time business owners through the often-confusing jargon of business. It’s something the Trillium team values: advocating for buyers and sellers, and ensuring both parties are informed about the entire process. Amid the pandemic, Knepper helps business owners navigate various grants and PPP loans. “I enjoy the business aspect,” Knepper says, “of the buying, the selling, the leasing, the managing, doing all the financial analysis on businesses.”

Trillium Commercial Realty currently oversees the property management of 26 property units throughout the Chippewa Valley.

Knepper helps business owners by doing important homework ahead of time: conduct a market analysis, study the competition, take a look at surrounding leases, and make a financial analysis to determine if the business plan will be profitable enough to invest in. “It’s not always about what you like and what you want,” Knepper added. “It’s about what the customer wants and likes.”

The most gratifying part of his job, Knepper said, is driving past successful start-up businesses, or running into the people he’s leased to or sold to and knowing that he supports a local business and a local family.

Trillium is thrilled by the addition of local colleague Kevin Feather, a third-generation realtor, to the Trillium team in November.

“I enjoy it,” Knepper says of his job. “It doesn’t feel like a work day. It’s my passion. I enjoy what I do.”

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