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John Gyorfi • RE/MAX

Every Step of the Way

John Gyorfi is passionate and eager to show off the Chippewa Valley

Dipping a toe into the housing market — buying or selling — is often an anxious experience. So many questions. So many steps in the process. Where do you start? Well, you’re going to want someone with not only the knowledge, but the skills to give you good tips throughout the entire process. That person, without a doubt, is John Gyorfi.

John’s a seasoned expert in everything related to buying and selling a house — floor to ceiling. If that’s not enough, the man has built several custom homes from the ground up himself. He’s a Realtor, a fantastic consultant, a home-builder — and he’s eager to get to know new buyers and sellers all over the Chippewa Valley and beyond.

“I look at myself as just being able to do a lot more than the average agent,” John said. “What I know, having worked on houses, electrical, flooring, insulation … I could build a house from scratch. I think I’m gonna raise the bar on what a Realtor can bring to people.”

One of John’s strong suits is his passion for the Valley and all the wonders and beauty of our big community. He often takes prospective buyers from other places on car rides around Eau Claire to check out the highlights — our dynamic restaurant scene, the thrills of the great outdoors, our abundance of health systems and good schools. For John, it’s not just about the house — he’s selling the Chippewa Valley experience. Having raised four kids here alongside his wife Brenda, John is nothing but sincere about the positive vibes he sees coming from this place. After all, he’s lived it.

“I enjoy it. Going through, there’s just a lot of different things I can help people with, based on what they want, what their budget is, what their tastes are, what their goals are,” he said. “It’s a personalized relationship; everyone’s different. I just want to see everyone happy.”

In addition to being a top Realtor in his own right, John’s unique skill set as a custom home-builder allows him to expertly evaluate a home’s value when selling. He can guide you through the whole process step by step, and will have a sound strategy to get top dollar when listing with him. He knows the value range of household amenities. He knows houses and the local market better than anyone. You’ll find John to be professional and passionate every step of the way. And if you’re a buyer or looking to build, you’ll find he is a problem solver with a great eye for detail and a heart for finding his clients a home they’ll enjoy for years.

“If someone wants to remodel an existing home, redesign, or build new; with my background, me working with them and the builder can really be beneficial in making sure my clients are protected and represented.” John says. “I can talk the language and have many ideas.”

Talking with John, you’ll find him to be warm and inviting, friendly and focused. He’ll dive deep in getting to know you, your interests, who you are as a person, your needs, what you’re looking for, what your goals are. It’s all a part of the process. To connect with John is to have someone on your side through and through. His extensive market resources and expertise will set your mind at ease so you can focus on what is most important to you — your life, your home, and your future.

“I think I’m gonna raise the bar on what a REALTOR can bring to people.”

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