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At Copper Key, it’s all about building relationships with buyers and sellers.

The “copper key” in Copper Key Home Solutions isn’t just a catchy name and a pretty logo. The key is a symbol of the philosophy behind the Eau Claire-based business, which offers boutique-style real estate brokerage services to the Chippewa Valley.

“I love copper as an element in the way that as it ages and changes; it’s beautiful and it’s ever-evolving,” explains Audrey Borcherding, who started in the business with her husband, Josh, about 13 years ago.

Just as the patina of copper changes, so has the business: The couple began by buying multifamily properties as well as restoring and selling homes, which they still do — but Copper Key has evolved into something much more: A real estate brokerage helping clients through every step of the process. Buying, selling, investing, restoring — it’s all part of Copper Key’s mission.

And that’s where the symbolism of the key comes in, Borcherding says: “We’re looking at being the key piece for people to come and figure out their best solution for their issue or for their challenge or for their next step.”

Audrey is Copper Key’s owner and a licensed broker, and in recent years the business has expanded to a team of six. The team leader is Nate Moquin, a Chippewa Valley native who’s been a realtor for seven years and who has landed in the top three several times in Volume One’s Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll. The other agents include:

Matt McElroy, who has broad experience with home flipping, renovation, rental ownership, and who can offer real estate advice for buyers, sellers, and even investors.

April Sydow, who explains that “it’s amazing to walk into a house with homebuyers and see that light come on in their eyes when the house is ‘the house.’”

Sara Harris — who has more than 20 years of experience in the housing industry and owns a construction company with her husband — likes to bring her own personal energy into helping buyers and sellers.

Lucas Duce, whose goal is to take the stress out of the process of buying or selling a home and ensure clients have a positive experience.

Copper Key’s agents strive to create connections, ensuring that they are building relationships, not simply conducting transactions. This, Borcherding says, leads to repeat customers and referrals. “For me, it is really still having conversations with people, making sure that we’re sitting down and actually meeting them or going to their homes and actually understanding their situation,” she says.

And throughout the challenges of 2020, Cooper Key has redoubled its efforts at communicating with clients. In particular, considering how quickly homes have been selling in the Chippewa Valley lately, they’ve been educating prospective buyers how to be fully ready to make an offer when they find the perfect home.

“I think the biggest reward is, in the end, seeing people just so happy that you were there and that you took the time to listen and really understand what they needed and where they needed to be and to actually see that all come together,” Borcherding says.

“It’s amazing to walk into a house with homebuyers and see that light come on in their eyes when the house is ‘the house.’”

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