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Waking Up the Trolls: Interactive Sculptures Come to Life in Altoona

The City of Altoona recently had a dedication ceremony for the interactive sculptures

James Johonnott |

The River Prairie Park in Altoona has become home to three new whimsical, playful creatures. The three trolls together form “Don’t Wake the Trolls” – a new, solar powered, musical, interactive sculpture that was dedicated in October. This creation was spearheaded by Altoona City Manager Mike Golat, built with grants from the Union Pacific Railroad and Xcel Energy, the engineering work of Artisan Forge Metalworks and Solar Forma, and the artistic and musical design of Karl Johan Ekroth of PINPIN Studios in Gutenburg, Sweden. According to a statement by Karl Johan Ekroth, PINPIN studios places a great deal of value on play. “Trolls are a natural part of our Scandanavian culture. They can be a bit scary, but we like them. These trolls have turned to stone, but there’s still a chance you can hear a bit of their magic for yourself. I’m sure you can figure out how.” What magic still remains in these stony friends and how will you awaken it?